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ESRM does not launch from within SRS.

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When using SurgiMate with SRS integration, the ESRM application requires a "launcher" executable that searches for the client application. If you receive an error stating ... "ESRM Application not found..." the launcher configuration file may be incorrect. Please locate the file named ESRMLauncher.exe.config on your harddrive (typically, the launcher is located at "c:\SurgiMate\ESRM_Client\Launcher\"). Once found, using a text editor application, make sure the file text has these settings:
<add value="SurgiMate LLC" key="CompanyName"></add>
<add value="Electronic Surgical Record Manager" key="AppSuite"></add>
<add value="ESRM" key="Application"></add>
<add value="SurgiMateESRM" key="EXE"></add>

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